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Versinthe 70cl + gift box


It is from this unequaled recipe that Versinthe acquires its finesse and complexity, and has become the reference for absinthe in the nation of France, as in numerous world competitions.

Discover the special edition 20 years available in gift box with spoon visual of the time of its release!

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  • 10cl
  • 70cl + Etui cadeau+ cuillère

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VERSINTHE resurrected the myth. Versinthe made the tradition of absinthe live once again by mixing the subtleties of 20 plants, combining four main aromatic principles:

    BITTER HERBS: absinthes, sagebrush, genepi, and tarragon give Versinthe its finesse and bitterness.
    THE MILD FLAVOURED ANISES: anis, coriander, fennel, dill…. Offset the bitterness of the absinthes.
    THE BALSAMIC HERBS: basil, rosemary, angelica… Enhance and give balance to the bitter and mild flavours.
    PEPPERMINT AND VERBENA… Lend a fresh note. These contradictions give VERSINTHE it subtleties and complexity.