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Vodka de vigne 70cl


Today’s most notable vodka is distilled in France.

La Liquoristerie de Provence, given the prestigious title “Enterprise of Living Heritage” by the French government, brings life to the spirit behind the award, that consists of mastering and putting into practice the famous French savoir-faire.

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After bringing absinthe back to life in 1999, we are up for a new challenge: to offer our version of the most sought after spirit today, Vodka, to the global market. What we propose is a Vodka that is truly exceptional: La Vodka de Vigne.

Classic vodka is made from potatoes ; our vodka is created from distilled grapes. The French grape is the essence of the wines of France – and the reputation and prestige of our wines have no equivalent.

The French grape is also the essence of our vodka, and how we aim to surpass current expectations. The grape brings to the Vodka de Vigne suppleness, subtlety, and fruitiness.

And it is the essence of the grape that makes our Vodka unique, flavorful and a great alcohol to be tasted with passion.

The Vodka de Vigne is marvelous with caviar, and can also be a brilliant base for creative cocktails and mixologists’ inventions.

The bottle, evocative of the refined world of French perfume, underlines the elegance and the savoir-faire behind the product.

Taste La Vodka de Vigne and you are tasting the essence of the French Art de Vivre.