About us

In the heart of Provence, in the city that inspired so many artists, we create absinthe, liqueurs of Provence, and prestigious perfumes.

The “Liquoristerie de Provence” has chosen the exciting task of reviving the aperitifs and liqueurs of Provence, in the spirit of the "mestres" (Provençal masters) of the past.

Rediscovering their unique know-how, and faithfully following the methods passed down from generation to generation, we are again producing flavours and sensations that everyone thought were lost.

Each plant is dried and then infused separately for a long time in a superfine alcohol, before gentle pressing.
This draws out the inherent essence of the plants, which our distiller mixes according to his secret formulas, adapting these formulas each time.

The steps that follow - blending, taste-testing, filtration, correction and adjustment - are meticulous and precise, but also demand intuition. And then, we let time take its course. In setting, the aromas of our liqueurs are released and the tastes balanced.