Lighthouse Christmas product : The fig

Some say that Adam and Eve's Apple of Eden could be a fig ...

By cons what is certain is that Romulus and Remus have been found under a fig tree!

In Provence, the Christmas tradition wants the meal to end with 13 desserts.

13 like the guests of the Lord's Supper, Christ and his 12 Apostles:

Fougasse or oil pump, white and black nougat, winter pears, apples, oranges or mandarins, dates, candied citrons, quince jam, and the 4 beggars: almonds, walnuts, raisins and dried figs.

Ideal to accompany these 13 desserts

Fleur de Figue

And the production in all this?

At first, you have to pick the figs. They are picked between June and September and then dried.

This is where our asset comes in: TIME!

Without time, we do not make good liqueurs! We then macerate our dried figs, with their buds, for 3 weeks!

We obtain a 100% natural liquor, fresh, sweet and very fruity, which has a 24% Vol.

How to savor the Fleur de figue?

  • Pure or on ice cubes
  • Ice cream or desserts
  • Cocktails

Easy cocktail ideas

  • Le Cigalou : Tasty and gourmet aperitif 2 cl of Fleur de Fig + 10 cl of Provence rosé
  • Royal Figuier : Elegant Cocktail 2 cl of Fig Flower + 10 cl of Prosecco